1. How long have you been in business? – Since 2004.
  2. How many for fee home inspections has your company performed? – Over 5,000.
  3. Are you certified by a professional Home Inspection trade group?  –  Yes ASHI
  4. Are you full time inspectors? – Yes.
  5. What did you do before becoming a home inspector? – There are 6 of us so it depends upon the inspector.
  6. How long with the inspection take?  – As long as necessary to meet the ASHI inspection standard and answer all of your questions.  Typically 1.5-3 hrs.
  7. What will you Inspect?  – Everything to the ASHI standard:  go to ASHI.Org or www.homeinspector.org/Standards-of-Practice to view the inspection standard.
  8. Can I attend the inspection? – Absolutely;  we encourage it.
  9. What If I can’t attend the inspection?  – No problem, our report will be emailed to you the same day as the inspection once you have paid and signed the inspection agreement.  You can call us to go over it if you have any questions.
  10. What kind of inspection reports do you produce?  – A narrative style pdf document report emailed the same day with a summary page of recommended action items with pictures included.
  11. Are there limitations to the inspection?  –  Yes!  There are many limitations and exclusions to an inspection – we are not a warranty or insurance company – see our Inspection Agreement document.
  12. Do you guarantee your inspections?  – Yes!  If you are not happy with the inspection within one year of having it done, we will refund your inspection fee.
  13. Do you inspect century homes?  All the time!
  14. Do you inspect commercial apartment buildings? Absolutely.
  15. Do you inspect non-residential commercial buildings?  Yes – see our web page section regarding that.
  16. Do  you accept credit cards?  No.  But we accept check, cash, venmo, Zelle, Cash App, and Bit Coin!.